Golden Claw Prize for "Singing Napkin"
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19. 09. 2015. Department

"For daring form and contents" the acting students’ diploma film directed by Mariusz Grzegorzek - the winner in the new category “Different Look” at the Gdynia Film Festival!

A perfect ending of the final year of studies. A diploma film of Lodz Film School acting students wins in the original section at the most important Polish Film Festival. For those who haven’t seen the film a few facts: What is the NAPKIN singing about? ABOUT DREAMS COME TRUE - The fourth year acting students from the Lodz Film School under the artistic supervision of Mariusz Grzegorzek made the first ever full-length diploma film. ABOUT COURAGE- They were not scared of limitations, they told stories straight from their hearts; stories which try to be authentic and wise and at the same time are crazy and not so wise. ABOUT ASKING QUESTIONS, IN ORDER TO REACH INSIDE ONESELF, IN ORDER TO GET THROUGH TO YOU.

 All of these people contributed to the film’s success: screenplay, direction, editing: Mariusz GRZEGORZEK photography: Przemysław BRYNKIEWICZ art direction: Natalia GIZA costumes: Matylda LEŚNIKOWSKA sound: Rafał NOWAK production manager: Witold FRANCZAK cast: fourth year acting students: Adrian BUDAKOW, Mikołaj CHROBOCZEK, Marta HERMAN, Sebastian JASNOCH, Michał JÓŹWIK, Alicja JUSZKIEWICZ, Miłosz KARBOWNIK , Karolina KRAWCZYŃSKA, Damian KRET, Sylwia MADEJSKA, Marcin MIODEK, Maciej MISZCZAK, Anna MROZOWSKA, Paulina NADEL, Grzegorz OTRĘBSKI, Mateusz RZEŹNICZAK, Maria SZAFIRSKA, Anita TOMCZAK, Kaja WALDEN, Jędrzej WIELECKI, Barbara WYPYCH

Different Look section comprises intergenre and experimental films difficult to be classified unequivocally. Lodz Film School was represented by "Singing Napkin" – the first full-length diploma film of acting students. It competed with 7 other films: "Baby Bump" by Kuba Czekaj, "Czarodziejska góra" by Anca Damian "Performer" by Łukasz Ronduda, Maciej Sobieszczański; "W spirali" by Konrad Aksinowicz and "Walser" by Zbigniew Libera. The Different look section jury consisted of: Bogdan Dziworski, Ewa Puszczyńska and Adrian Panek. The Golden Claw statue was designed by Andrzej Pągowski and Andrzej Renes. The Prize „for daring form and contents” is worth 30,000 PLN (18,000 for the director and 12,000 for the producer).

Film’s trailer: