"The Taming of the Shrew" as a diploma play
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25. 11. 2013. Department

The first diploma play in this academic year staged by 4th year Lodz Film School acting students is William Shakespeare’s ‘The Taming of the Shrew’.

The first diploma play in this academic year staged by 4th year Lodz Film School acting students is William Shakespeare’s ‘The Taming of the Shrew’. The play has been directed by Małgorzata Warsicka from Cracow National Drama School. Jacek Orłowski, Lodz Film School and Cracow Drama School lecturer, is the artistic supervisor of the play. 

From 21st September it is possible to see the pre-premiere play in the film studio(building Z)at 61/63Targowa St. The premiere has been scheduled for December at the Lodz Film School Studio Theatre, when the stage renovation work is finished. By referring to Shakespeare’s classic we are proposing a contemporary version of  ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ - says Małgorzata Warsicka, the director of the play and a student of Cracow Drama School. – We ‘decode’ Shakespeare’s text through our sensitivity; we want to tell our story by posing questions and answering them. It is a long process  as you can go deeper and deeper into Shakespeare’s text, which can take a year, two, or eight years.  Since it is a diploma play of our students of acting we’ve put a lot of emphasis on creating fully-rounded roles. 

- We are interested in ‘living Shakespeare’; we would like to really get to the person - underneath the layers – the ‘patina’, because he is not just what we know from school – explains Hubert Sulima, playwright, also a student of Cracow Drama School. How can we profit from an encounter with a man who lived five hundred years ago? This is an attempt to get deeper, to experience the text at the theatre, to discover these worlds once again. We witness what happens at the clash of our fears, dreams and reality, with Shakespeare’s text. 

The characters in  ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ are played by 4th year students of acting. Characters appearing in the ‘Induction’: Mariusz Krakowiak (A Lord, plays a prank on Sly), Patryk Pietrzak (Christopher Sly), Jacek Knap (Bartholomew, a page-boy) and Paweł Dobek, Stanisław Grobelny, Bartosz Szpak (Huntsman of the Lord and Servingmen). In the main play: Mateusz Mosiewicz (BaptistaMinola, father of Katherina and Bianca), Mariusz Krakowiak (Vincentio, Lucentio’s father), Jacek Knap (Gremio, elderly suitor of Bianca), Patryk Palusiński (Lucentio, suitor of Bianca, spends some of play disguised as Cambio), Michał Barczak (Hortensio, suitor of Bianca and friend to Petruchio – spends some of the play disguised as Litio, a music tutor), Patryk Pietrzak (Petruchio, suitor of Katherina), Stanisław Grobelny (Tranio, servant of Lucentio – spends some of the play disguised as Lucentio), Bartosz Szpak(Biondello, servant of Lucentio), Paweł Dobek (Grumio, servant of Petruchio), Michalina Rodak (Katherina, the Shrew), Milena Staszuk/ Katarzyna Pilichowska (Bianca/A Widow). 

Direction: Małgorzata Warsicka
Artistic supervision: Jacek Orłowski
Costumes: Hanna Podraza
Art direction: Grzegorz Łoznikow
Playwright: Hubert Sulima
Choreographic consultants: Paweł Grala, Piotr Skalski
Music: Bartosz Szpak.