Science-fiction diploma film.
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22. 07. 2015. Department

Year 2055. A space ship. Something goes wrong. A fighter pilot condemned to solitude, and Lena 3, a beautiful , humanoid android… Let’s visit the film set of Thomas Fossgard’s diploma film.

„Periapsis” is a diploma film of a fifth year direction student of our school. The director takes us inside a space ship which is travelling to Mars. There are 500 travelers in a deep sleep on board, the future inhabitants of the alternative planet. Unfortunately, something goes wrong with the space ship and due to a fault of the system one of the travelers, an ex-fighter pilot Frank Kozłowski, who is in charge of the space mission, wakes up from the sleep. For many weeks his only companions are a cat and Lena3 – artificial intelligence in a female body of an android. Lena is well programmed in every detail and her behaviour is not supposed to exceed the boundaries specified by the constructors. Lonely and desperate Frank starts to treat the android as a person. Will the artificial intelligence be able to generate something new which hasn’t been encoded in it?

The film cast are Mariusz Witkowski and Anna Mrozowska, a fourth year acting student whom we could see on stage playing Mańka in the play „Ślub” (The Wedding) by Waldemar Zawodziński. During the 33rd Drama Schools’ Festival she was awarded the title of „the actress we would like to see on big screen and television” by Opus Film Studio. The film is being produced by the Lodz Film School and NUR.

Screenplay and direction: Thomas Fossgard
Photography: Kajetan Plis
Cast: Anna Mrozowska, Mariusz Witkowski
Editing: Christian Siebenherz Music: Simon Schutt
Art direction: Marcin Buśko
Assistant director: Patrik Eriksson
Assistant cinematographer: Julian Sojka
Production manager: Joanna Mróz
Costumes: Julia Kosmynka, Maja Piechowiak
Set manager: Dominika Westfal
Lodz Film School Coordinator: Anna Sieczych
Production (NUR): Łukasz Długołęcki, Haukur M