A Film School with a Sense of Place
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28. 10. 2013.

- When I was at school we believed we were wasting our time. Mr Roman Polański said to "The New York Times". - But with the perspective of a few years, I realized how much I got from this school.

Ginanne Brownell  from "NYT" before writing the article "A Film School With a Sense of Place" published on  27 October, during her visit at the Film School spoke to its rector Mariusz Grzegorzek, prof. Ryszard Lenczewski, prof. Józef Robakowski, dr. Wojciech Puś and the students: Izumi Yoshida, Paweł Maj and Andac Karabeyoglu.

The students were asked what made them choose the Lodz Film School  and come to study in Poland from such distant countries as Canada, or Turkey. „Most students I have met at film festivals say that shooting on film, if their school even offers that, is the last thing they get to do” said Pawel Maj, a Polish-Canadian fifth-year directing student. “In directing, we shoot documentaries on 35mm, which is practically unheard of in the world these days.” 

Andac Karabeyoglu, a third year cinematography student admits that she got attracted to the  Lodz Film School by its unique way of teaching and the possibility to shoot on 35mm  - “Coming here gives you a different way of looking at things. We have to write our own scripts, we have to edit. We have to do our own sound, so there is a huge process that you have to learn. The main aim is not the industry but about discovering yourself, what your strengths are.