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11. 09. 2015.

"Singing Napkin" in the Different Look Section and 8 student films in Young Cinema Competition. Our professor and graduates’ films in the Main Competition.

"Singing Napkin", the acting students’ diploma film directed by Rector Prof. Mariusz Grzegorzek, will be screened in a new section Different Look. The section screens experimental, in-between-genres films which are difficult to be classified unequivocally. The Main Prize in the section is the Golden Claw.

Our students’ films qualified for the Young Cinema Competition:

1. "Autobus" by Jan Grobliński; artistic supervision: Krzysztof Ptak, Józef Romasz, Stefan Czyżewski
2. "Drygawica" by Emil Kalus; artistic supervision: Ryszard Lenczewski 3. "Gigant" by Tomasz Jeziorski; artistic supervision: Robert Gliński, Andrzej Musiał, Witold Sobociński
4. "Kac" by Maciej Buchwald; artistic supervision: Łukasz Barczyk
5. "Luna" by Filip Gieldon; artistic supervision: Piotr Mikucki
6. "Śmiech w ciemności" by Marta Trela; artistic supervision: Łukasz Barczyk
7. "Szczeniak" by Karol Starnawski; artistic supervision: Filip Bajon, Jolanta Dylewska
8. "Taka nasza gra" by Katarzyna Lesisz; artistic supervision: Mariusz Grzegorzek, Jolanta Dylewska