Our Professors will decide about Oscars.
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30. 06. 2015.

Ryszard Lenczewski and Jarosław Kamiński have been invited to join the American Film Academy and vote for Academy Awards.

Next year our school’s professors Ryszard Lenczewski, a cinematographer, and Jarosław Kamiński, an editor, will have a voice in deciding about granting American Academy Awards. Amongst 322 artists, who have been invited by the Academy this year, besides our professors there is our school graduate Łukasz Żal (DOP in „Ida”), our ex-student Hoye van Hoytema (DOP in „Interstellar”), and the Oscar nominee Paweł Pawlikowski, the director of „Ida”.

Being an Academy member is very prestigious but it also involves work. – We are going to watch lots of films which we will get directly from the Academy. We will evaluate them and express our opinions pointing out the best ones. – says Prof. Ryszard Lenczewski. At present, the Academy has app. 6,000 members coming from various parts of the world. They are the people who have been noticed by the Academy for outstanding film achievements. Amongst them there are directors, cinematographers, actors, producers, editors, screenwriters, art directors and representatives of other film professions.