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30. 10. 2013.

Full room, bursts of laughter and rounds of applause – that was the atmosphere during the premiere screening of the documentary "Our School" by Grażyna Kędzielawska and Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz.

Full screening room with some viewers sitting on the floor, bursts of laughter and rounds of applause – that was the atmosphere during the premiere screening  of the documentary "Our School" by Grażyna Kędzielawska and Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz. On 29 October in the evening Lodz Film School teachers and students watched the film. After the screening Grzegorz Małecki, direction department lecturer, hosted the meeting with the lady directors. Magnus von Horn, direction graduate, whose diploma exam passed with an excellent mark is shown in the film - says from the screen: -  In Sweden the school favours friendly professor-student relationship. This is bullshit. Here professors provoke the students, push them to their limits, but they do it for a reason.

"Our School" is a mixture of  pictures and statements, scenes from entrance exams to Acting, Directing and Cinematography Departments, BA & MA diploma exams, classes and workshops, from two academic year inaugurations and recent rector elections. Some archive materials have been incorporated into the film such as: (recording of Wojciech J. Has, fragments of the film "Było 5 Klubów", Martin Scorsese’s visit to the school, prof. Maria Kornatowska funeral at the Old Cemetary, TVP Łódź recordings including appearance of  Mariusz Grzegorzek and rector Henryk Kluba shortly after award granting to the film "Robak" by Grzegorzek at the Oberhausen festival), student films ("Edward" by Emilia Śniegoska and "Szkoła" by Marta Trela, Kajetan Plis and David Lindinger. The directors completed all this archive material with interviews with students and  school staff.

In the film also a famous documentary filmmaker prof. Kazimierz Karabasz mentions his entrance exam.  “It was extremely exciting though I do not remember the questions.
”Prof. Filip Bajon: - I tell the students about dominating features, that not everything is important, that only one thing should prevail! 
Prof. Wojciech Has from the archive recording: - “If there are two or three talented students in a year then it is not too bad.  It may sound weird but the talented ones do not need that much guidance".
A cinematography student Maciej Twardowski: - The School means energy and friendships. If I had failed then I would have taken the entrance exam the fourth time. 
Prof. Ryszard Lenczewski speaking to students: - It’s the most difficult to be in front of the camera and do nothing. Only Steve McQueen was capable of this.
A direction student, Lucia Pagano von Horn: - In the School you make films “until the last drop of blood”.
A direction student Jagoda Szelc: - During the entrance exams those get selected who will be able to endure studying.
A student of acting, Mikołaj Chroboczek: - It is said that in the school it feels like in some sort of monastery. But if you have faith it shouldn’t be a problem.

In the film speak: Kazimierz Karabasz, Filip Bajon, Mariusz Grzegorzek, Ryszard Lenczewski, Bronisław Wrocławski, Piotr Seweryński and many students – among them: Natalia Brożyńska, Timur Jaschenko, Maciej Buchwald, Marta Prus and Dominika Ożarowska.

"Our School"screenplay and direction: Grażyna Kędzielawska and Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz
producers: Robert Gliński i Zdzisław Kuczyński
editing Bogusława Furga
photography: Marcin Ściegliński & Kamil Gubała and Joaquin Del Paso, Przemysław Brynkiewicz, Piotr Matysik, Fredrik Olsson, Julian Sojka, Mikołaj Kępiński
sound: Piotr Domaradzki
sound recording on the set: Tomasz Hagström, Michał Rózga, Robert Marczak, Rafał Nowak, Antoni Galoch
cooperation: Sławomir Kalwinek
photography production management: Katarzyna Kuczyńska, Katarzyna Zuterek and Joanna Rybus, Dagna Kidoń, Mateusz Kuczyński
colour correction: Cezary Kowalczuk
credits: Magda Nizel
music performed by HiQ including: Maria Anna Janicka – composition and violin, Michał Gorczyca – computer, Paulina Owczarek – saxophone, Michał Dymny – bass guitar, Andrzej Skwarek – bass chello
cooperation on the film: Wojciech Janas, Jolanta Szwed, Danuta Luszyńska
sound mixing: Art of Sound Domaradzcy

We thank:
- students and teachers for help in making this film and their consent to film during classes and exams. 
- Bogdan Dziworski, 
- Małgorzata Zając, 
- Jagoda Szelc, and all other students for their appearance in the film

In the film the fragments of Lodz Film School student films and the archive materials from Lodz Film School and Lodz branch of Polish Television were used.
The film was made with the financial support of the Lodz City Council and produced by  the Lodz Film School Indeks Film Studio.