35 Years of Film Editing Education.
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26. 05. 2015. Department

They enter different worlds. They cut, splice, throw away. They contribute to the final look. On 30 May, there was an anniversary meeting of professors, graduates and students of editing at the school

„(…) For a certain period of time I have to indulge myself in the worlds of film directors, producers, actors, art directors and cinematographers. Decode their logic. And then, put it all together, add something from myself and make the result look communicative for the audience. I spend most of the time in a darkroom but it feels as if I travelled all the time." – said Milenia Fiedler, an editor and Lodz Film School lecturer in an interview for Gazeta Wyborcza. Editors, the great absent on red carpets. Those of them, who started their education or used to teach editing at the Lodz Film School, as well as its current professors and students, met at the school.