For the sensitive eye. BZ WBK Press Photo Awards
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28. 04. 2015. Department

"Showing life in an uncompromising way; sometimes sad, sometimes funny." Prizes for documentary photographers; amongst the winners, our school’s photography students and graduates.

- A documentary photographer is a specific person. With his work he often stirs things up not allowing the truth to perish and showing life, which can sometimes be sad and sometimes funny, in an uncompromising way. At the same time his whole work is an outcome of an extreme sensitivity. Thank to such people we do not forget. – said about the work of documentary photographers the Jury President of the 11th BZ WBK Press Photo Competition, Wojciech Grzędziński.

Amongst the winners there are Lodz Film School photography students and graduates:
- Agata Grzybowska – Photograph of the Year and 1st place for a single photograph in the category EVENTS
- Renata Dąbrowska – 1st place for a single photograph in the category EVERYDAY LIFE
- Kasia Maluga – 2nd place for a single photograph in the category CULTURE & ART
- Adrian Jaszczak – 1st place, photo-report in the category SPORT
- Bartłomiej Jurecki – 1st and 3rd place for a single photograph in the category NATURE

This year, 368 photographers entered 5,334 photographs for the BZ WBK Press Photo Competition in six categories: Events, Everyday Life, Sport, Portraits, Culture & Art and Nature. The winners were selected by the Jury including the President - Wojciech Grzędziński and the jury members: Anna Brzezińska-Skarżyńska, Waldemar Kompała, Chris Niedenthal and Katarzyna Sagatowska. All winning photographs will be presented at post-competition exhibitions to be organized in 15 Polish cities. Detailed information is available at the Competition web-site:

1 - Agata Grzybowska
2 - Adrian Jaszczak
3 - Agata Grzybowska
4 - Bartłomiej Jurecki
5 - Bartłomiej Jurecki
6 - Katarzyna Maluga
7 - Renata Dąbrowska