Cinema versus Real World
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16. 04. 2015.

The Lodz Science Society (LTN) invites you to a lecture given by Prof. Mariusz Grzegorzek, Rector of the Lodz Film School. The lecture will take place at the School Cinema on Thursday, 23rd April at 5

Prof. Mariusz Grzegorzek’s lecture ‘Cinema versus Real World’ will be delivered within the scheme of the 15th Science, Technology and Art Festival taking place in Lodz. The aim of the festival, which has been running since 2001, is to promote the achievements of Lodz scientific and artistic circles in order to popularize science and art as well as to integrate academic circles with the city’s inhabitants. The leading slogan of this year’s festival is ‘From Industrial to Academic Lodz’. During the Festival, over 500 lectures, shows, workshops, classes, artistic performances, discussions, excursions, etc will take place in various fields of science and art.

 The main festival organiser is the Lodz Science Society. Festival events are also organized and hosted by Lodz University, Lodz Polytechnic, Medical University, Fine Arts Academy, Lodz Film School, Music Academy, Seminary, University of Humanities and Economics, the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations, the Centre of Molecular & Macromolecular Research of the Polish Science Academy, the Medical Biology Institute of the Polish Science Academy, Lodz museums and many other scientific and cultural institutions.

 Access to all festival events is free of charge. However, to ensure a place please fill in a form online, which accompanies the description of a particular event, or book a place by phone. Details can be found at the website: