Mainka at Modern Art Centre!
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31. 03. 2015.

Lodz Film School photography student, Robert Mainka’s works to be exhibited at Zamek Ujazdowski Modern Art Centre. The exhibition opens on 9 April.

‘The exhibition "In search of a lost temple. Notes for a personal adventure film" is a presentation of eleven visual portrayals of the protagonists of a potential film’, says Robert Mainka about his exhibition. The portrayals consist of photographs, brief video recordings, drawings and a few locations. ‘The script is still missing’, says Mainka. ‘I guess, film-makers would say that it is absurd, that I work in the wrong order, how come there is no story, what about conflicts and life? (I sincerely apologize to them for that), but it turns out that all these bits somehow clicked together and the story emerged itself. So it seems you can bring a film to life in the same way as you bring back a ghost. The exhibition title refers neither to Proust, nor Indiana Jones.’

The exhibition at the Modern Art Centre will be organized within the Bank Pekao Room Project, which since 2012 has been promoting the works of the most interesting artists. Robert Mainka, one the prize-winners of the photographic competition, reGeneration³: Tomorrow's Photographers Today, organized by Musee d'Elysee in Lausanne, had his own work exhibition ‘Hojne łąki’ held during the 2014 Photo Festival. At present, the artist is working on a few film projects, amongst them a short film ‘Izabella Tenebracka, czyli najpiękniejsza dziewczyna na świecie’ and ‘O, niewierni!’, and full-length films ‘Teodor’ and ‘W poszukiwaniu zaginionej świątyni’.

Marcin Krasny, the curator of Roberta Mainka’s exhibition: ‘What is it? What does it look like and where is the mythical underground Ascension Temple? Eleven brave people are looking for it – the protagonists of Mainka’s possible film. It is not clear who they are, maybe it’s just a metaphor, maybe something more than that. Or maybe it’s a very real place, the epicentre of the world, the crossroads of all religions and beliefs, the Holy Grail, Enlightenment, The Amber Chamber and the Heart of Darkness in one?