Grand Prix for "It would be beautiful"
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29. 03. 2015. Department

Anna Morawiec’s documentary film gets the Grand Prix at the 7th Short Waves Festival in Poznan, and the First Prize goes to a Lodz Film School graduate, Agnieszka Borowa for her diploma film “Dom”.

In her film, second year direction student, Anna Morawiec tells the story of a 57-year-old biology teacher from Sosnowiec who wishes to take part in a space trip to Mars planned for 2023. Over 200,000 applicants from all over the world volunteered to take part in the trip but only 4 will be chosen. What is more, due to the great distance of Mars from the Earth (a one-way trip takes a year) it has been decided that it’s going to be just a one-way.

 The film ‘It could be beautiful’ shows the protagonist getting ready for the trip. Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz, is the film’s artistic supervisor. The film ‘Dom’ is an animation made using the drawing technique by our graduate, Agnieszka Borowa, under the artistic supervision of Piotr Dumała. This 14 minute long film shows what a dream consisting of difficult childhood memories could look like and how childhood can influence future adult life.

During the Short Waves Festival which lasted 8 days and finished yesterday in Poznan, the audiences were able to see over 170 films. The festival was preceded by the Grand Prix Tour, the competition world tour of Polish films which was presented from 6 March in almost 100 cities in Brazil, Cambodia, Egypt and USA. The festival is organized by Poznan Ad Arte Foundation.