It’s a tour of artist’s attic and his mind.
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26. 03. 2015.

"Sorry, cannot hang at your place" is the title of Grzegorz Małecki’s paintings exhibition, which opens this Tuesday, 31st March at 6 p.m. at the school Conservatory gallery.

This Tuesday we will meet at the exhibition opening at the Lodz Film School Conservatory, or an attic, if you wish. – Attics are the most interesting places in people’s houses – it is where Maria Konopnicka became fond of literature finding old, scattered, mice eaten books. Later she wrote to Eliza Orzeszkowa – „it was where I found a book by Montaigne and started to read it” - says Grzegorz Małecki. The attic is a place of abandoned life, unnecessary experiences, preserved words, shy confessions and unspoken words of love. Every exhibition should be a tour of the artist’s attic, his mind being the attic. And my exhibition will be this sort of tour.

Grzegorz Małecki, the author of the exhibition „Sorry, cannot hang at your place” is a Lodz Film School direction lecturer, one of the most colourful characters in the school, a painter and an amazing art director. - Szymborska once said something very important – says Grzegorz Małecki – everything is contained in the first sentence. Full stop. Thank God, that it is already behind me, she said in her speech addressed to the Swedish king. – If in our artistic work a powerful first sentence is missing then our efforts to communicate with the audience will be futile.

Grzegorz Małecki explains what we will see in his attic, what has been found in the artist’s mind, and what will be shown in the Conservatory: - We are living in such times that if we do not tell wise things, our own stories, not other people’s stories, if we don’t talk about our real worlds – others will clamor us down. We are living in the times in which everything rots or has already rotten. If you don’t speak about that what we feel and how we feel it, about that what hurts us and bothers us, or makes us laugh – we will become crippled artists, invalids. That is why, I adore the artists who sometimes despite physical frailty present things with calmness and wisdom in their books and paintings, which later on become artistic events. The artists I have in mind are for example: Andrzej Wróblewski, Tadeusz Kantor, living next to me Ryszard Krynicki, or already deceased Stanisław Barańczak, or earlier on, Tadeusz Różewicz.

Here is what Grzegorz Małecki says about himself:

When Good Lord looked at the Earth one morning he asked every living creature around Him: - And where’s Małecki? I’ve lost track of him…

The creatures replied: - We can hardly keep up with him, we’re breathless, oh please, Good Lord, release us from the duty of following him. Not long ago he got his PhD at last, then contributed to three exhibitions of the guys from the Film School, and now he’s about to exhibit his own works, soon he’ll play „Frank” Goya in his play … and they already want him in Berlin and New York. He’s put his green velvet hat on and is wandering around. He’s probably in the Greenhouse.

And Good Lord replied: - My, my... I wouldn’t have expected all this of him. Małecki’s living his life in such a way as to always try and surprise Good Lord.

31st March, 2015 at 6 p.m. Conservatory Gallery