We’ll create the universe there! Cyberiada at EC1
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01. 04. 2015. Department

‘Cyberiada’, a diploma musical in which Lodz Film School acting students will be appearing will have its premiere in a totally revitalized Machine Hall on the EC1 premises!

On April 10,11 and 12, acting students will perform on stage at the Machine Hall at EC1! ‘Cyberiada’ will be the first cultural event to take place at this converted building. At a press conference, City Mayor, Hanna Zdanowska, who has become an honorary patron of the event, commented that, ‘It is already arousing great curiosity about how the musical will look in this sort of space.’

The musical is based on the master of science fiction, Stanisław Lem’s short stories. The most important thing is that it will be a natural, organic event. The energy of these people, the style in which the play is being done, and finally the text itself, are all well suited to the atmosphere of this space.’ said Prof. Mariusz Grzegorzek, the Lodz Film School Rector.

‘I am delighted with the work at the Lodz Film School and the fact I’ve met such fantastic people, but also with what I see right here. It’s fairy-tale like, it’s cosmic! I can’t wait to see our musical in here.’ said the director of ‘Cyberiada’, Wojciech Kościelniak, called the master of Polish musical. The Lodz Film School acting students had dreamed about working with the director. Karolina Krawczyńska, an acting student and the director’s assistant said, ‘It was our dream to work with Wojciech Kościelniak. We suggested cooperation and now we have the musical ready and ‘Cyberiada’ was an ideal choice.’ ‘The dreams of working with such a director and staging the musical on the EC1 premises were highly improbable. And now they are about to happen. Dreams do come true!’ said Prof. Zofia Uzelac, Dean of the Acting Department.

The project is supported by the PKO BP Bank, whose director for the Lodz branch, Krzysztof Garbacz, pointed out that it was a new important stage in the bank’s policy. ‘We support many significant cultural events and this time we entered into cooperation with the Lodz Film School and we are looking forward to its unusual results. One of the initiators of the musical Cyberiada’ to be performed at EC1 was its director, Błażej Moder. We are setting out for the universe with Trurl and Klapaucjusz. On behalf of the students and myself, I invite Lodz inhabitants to join us in this extraordinary journey on 10, 11 and 12 April.

The fourth-year acting students who will be appearing on stage of the Studyjny Theatre are: Adrian Budakow, Paulina Nadel, Karolina Krawczyńska, Maria Szafirska, Grzegorz Otrębski, Michał Jóźwik, Sebastian Jasnoch, Barbara Wypych, Jędrzej Wielecki, Sylwia Madejska, Alicja Juszkiewicz, Marta Herman, Kaja Walden, Marcin Miodek, Mikołaj Chroboczek, Damian Kret and Anita Tomczak. The music was composed by Marcin Steczkowski and lyrics written by Rafał Dziwisz. Adam Rymarz was responsible for the vocal side of the musical. Choreography by Jarosława Stańka. Art Direction by Damian Styrna. The project to stage a diploma musical of the Lodz Film School acting students at the EC1 has been possible due to the cooperation and common efforts of the city authorities, EC1, the Lodz Film School Studyjny Theatre and the main sponsor, PKO BP Bank. There will be free tickets for the performances at the EC1. Distribution information will be provided by the Film School and the City Council. Some of the invitations will be distributed by the media. Details about distribution of invitation will be provided soon.

‘We are setting out for the universe, prepared for anything: loneliness, fight, martyrdom and death. Out of modesty, we do not say it loudly, but sometimes we think that we are amazing. Whereas our readiness is just a sham. We do not want to reach the universe, we just want to expand the earth up to the universe. Some planets should be deserts like the Sahara, others full of ice like the poles, and others tropical like the Brazilian jungle. We are not looking for anybody else but humans. We do not need other worlds. We need mirror reflections. We visit a planet where a famous robot, Trurl Constructor builds a machine which can make everything starting with the letter ‘n’. On a different planet, we struggle to make two times two not equal seven … Yet on another one we will see the Steel-eyed fight against a Comet which occupied their Moon...