"They’re on my mind". Gutowski in the Conservatory
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27. 02. 2015.

‘I dedicate this exhibition to the people in my photos, my good spirits.’ said Artur Gutowski at the exhibition opening. The exhibition devoted to out-casts at the Lodz Film School Conservatory opened

The Conservatory looks like a camp: wires, gates, doors, separating us from the world of the alienated. It is to them, the out-siders that ‘reGeneration3’ competition winner, Artur Gutowski, devotes his exhibition.

‘I got to know the people in the photos quite well. I was aware that these relationships wouldn’t last, I had only passed through their lives, but they remain in my mind. Every time I come back from such a trip it’s difficult for me to find a place for myself. The photographs alone without knowing the stories of these people lack a certain aspect of their meaning.’ adds Artur Gutowski. The photographs displayed at the exhibition were taken over a period of three years in Bangladesh, Kenya, Tanzania and Indonesia.

Here is what Dariusz Fedor, Chief Editor of the periodical ‘The Continents’, where Gutowski’s work has also been published, said during the exhibition opening: ‘I have worked with Artur for two years, but only now have I noticed what he really is. He doesn’t stop travelling. The place where he goes to is, of course, important, but the most important thing is the way he sees that place. His perception of the place is what is most interesting.

Grzegorz Małecki, an artist and school lecturer, is the exhibition’s curator. ‘Artur’s world is not strange, but difficult in what he sees and how he sees it.’ said Grzegorz Małecki. ‘I dedicate the exhibition to the people in my photos, my good spirits.’ said Artur Gutowski.

The exhibition is open to viewers from Monday to Friday (10 a.m – 8 p.m.)

photos: Michał Siarek