Formula 1 in film equipment
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17. 10. 2013. Department

The ARRiAlexa camera, a representative of a film-style digital motion picture camera system, was introduced during prof. Ryszard Lenczewski’s class for 3rd year cinematography students.

On 17th October, prof. Ryszard Lenczewski ran a class during which the Non-Stop Film Service company from Warsaw made the camera available to 3rd year cinematography students. The company chairman, Zbigniew Kula came to the school and participated in the class. 

ARRiAlexa is the most professional film-style digital motion picture camera’ says prof. Lenczewski.  It has been a long-lasting tradition of the Lodz Film School that we make films on 35mm film, but the world has leapt forward so that is why we also use digital cameras. Using such equipment makes our students professional and one or two of them will be placed among this profession’s Formula-1 category.