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30. 01. 2015. Department

On film and unconditional love of cinema. A photo report from a film set of Ignacy Ciszewski’s film "The End".

„The End” is the working title of a student film by a first year cinematography student, Ignacy Ciszewski. The film is about a single man who organizes a cinema in his barn for the local villagers. However, it is not the film audience that matters to him, the most thrilling for him appears to be a possibility to organize the film screenings as such. . The film location was a village of Kalino.

Direction & Photography: Ignacy Ciszewski, first year cinematography student
Production management: Kaja Jałocha, Antonina Hamela, 1st year production management students
Set manager: Mateusz Kozak, 2nd year production management student Art direction: Katarzyna Gołaszewska
Assistants director of photography: Ewa Radzewicz, Edgar Grishchuk, Aleksandr Tsymbaliuk, first year cinematography students
Project coordinator: Katarzyna Kania.

Photo. Michał Siarek