Films selected for the „ZOOM – ZBLIŻENIA”
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26. 01. 2015.

Four films made by Lodz Film School students and graduates have been selected for the 18th International Film Festival „ZOOM – ZBLIŻENIA” in Jelenia Góra, starting on 17, February.

Four films made by Lodz Film School students and graduates will be screened in the programme of the 18th International Film Festival „ZOOM – ZBLIŻENIA”, which starts on 17 February in Jelenia Góra

„Children” by Marta Prus, „Jutta & I” by Maciej Cendrowski, „Fat and Skinny” by Aleksandra Brożyna and Bartosz Warwas’ „The Caged Swallow” will be shown in the main festival competition. The Festival does not specify the subject matter of the films eligible to enter the competition and is open to film students, independent film-makers and amateurs. It is a platform for them to confront and share film work and get acquainted with new phenomena in independent film-making.

„Jutta and I” is a documentary film by Maciej Cendrowski, a Lodz Film School PhD student (artistic supervision: Jacek Bławut & Andrzej Sapija). The film has already received an honorary diploma at the Lodz Media Festival „Człowiek w zagrożeniu” for " a convincing presentation of the process of seeking one’s culture origins. Another film “Children”, which will be screened during the festival, was made by Marta Prus and shot in Georgia by Adam Suzin. The animation „Fat and Skinny”, is a diploma film of Aleksandra Brożyna, who’s already a Lodz Film School animation graduate (artistic supervision: Mariusz Wilczyński). And finally, „The Caged Swallow” by Bartosz Warwas, a Lodz Film School direction graduate, is his full-length diploma film.

The Festival website: photos:
1. "Fat and Skinny" by Aleksandra Brożyna
2. "Jutta and I" by Maciej Cendrowski
3. "The Caged Swallow" by Bartosz Warwas
4. "Children" by Marta Prus