A secret in a secret: Piotr Zbierski’s work
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26. 01. 2015.

On 30th January there will be an opening of Piotr Zbierski’s photography exhibition entitled „Love has to be reinvented” at the Lodz Film School Conservatory.

Piotr Zbierski is a winner of this year "reGeneration3" Competition of the Musée de l'Élysée.

„The main aim of my work is to get to the essence of human emotions, to their purest form without redundant additions, gadgets. To show human beings in the way they were originally created” – says Piotr Zbierski, a Lodz Film School PhD student. „Love has to be reinvented” is the second out of the three exhibitions of the Lausanne Museum Competition Polish winners. Piotr Zbierski’s exhibition’s curator is Grzegorz Małecki, a painter and art director, Lodz Film School Direction Department lecturer.

The work on the collection of photographs started in 2012 and was triggered by a personal event in the life of the young photographer. The completion of the work has been scheduled for spring 2015 for the time of a complete solar eclipse which will be best visible in Iceland. – It is very characteristic of my work – the passage through images starting from something very personal that happened in my life as an individual, towards something universal for all of us, which I have no influence on. – says the photographer. – Life is a film written by "the universe" and the universe is the biggest accumulation of metaphors available, a secret in a secret, or a metaphor within a metaphor.

The exhibition opening will take place at the Lodz Film School Conservatory on 30 January (Friday) at 5 p.m. The third and last photography exhibition of the „reGeneration3” Competition winners, Artur Gutowski, entitled "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page" will open on 26 February.

Photos from the exhibition „Love has to be reinvented” by Piotr Zbierski.