Visual Poetry of „Object” awarded in Sundance
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28. 01. 2015.

A Short Film Special Jury Award for Visual Poetry was presented to a film “Object” directed by our PhD student, Paulina Skibińska. The film was shot by a cinematography student, Jakub Stolecki.

- The Sundance Festival Prize, especially recognizing the visuals in the film, is very important to the cinematographer Jakub Stolecki. “Neither Paulina nor myself would dream to have our film noticed at such a festival. It came to us as a really, really nice surprise. I hope this will open the door for us to other festivals in Poland and abroad.” – says Jakub Stolecki. The Sundance Film Festival awards were presented at a ceremony in Park City, Utah. This year's Short Film program is comprised of 60 short films selected from 8,061 submissions.

The film was edited by Katarzyna Boniecka, a Lodz Film School editing student. Artistic supervision: Jacek Bławut, a Lodz Film School lecturer. "Object" was made within the programme „First Documentary” at the Andrzej Munk Studio linked to the Polish Film-makers Society. Production: PUK Studio Katarzyna Szczerba.

The film is a creative image of an underwater search in the dimensions of two worlds — ice desert and under water — told from the point of view of the rescue team, of the diver, and of the ordinary people waiting on the shore. Sundance Institute and its Festival have long supported the creation and exhibition of short films. In addition to the short film program at the Festival, the Institute also hosts daylong workshops for short filmmakers and a program of short films that screens in theaters across the US.

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Photo: the film-makers and producers of the film "Object"