Ozpetek, Saura and Łoźnica at the Lodz Film School
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30. 10. 2014.

The Film Lodz Association and the Lodz Film School invite you to meetings with the guests of the 19th European Cinema Forum "Cinergia".

Amongst the festival guests who will visit the Lodz Film School are: Ferzan Ozpetek accompanied by actress, Katarzyna Smutniak, film producer, Antonio Saura (Carlos Saura’s son) and Siergiej Łoźnica. The film screenings and meetings with guests will take place at the Film School Cinema. This year, Cinergia Festival takes place from 7th till 14th November. The Lodz Film School is the festival’s partner.

Ferzan Ozpetek is a distinguished Italian director of Turkish origin, the author of such films as "Loose Cannons", "Facing Windows" and "Hamam". His latest film, "Fasten your Seatbelts" will be screened at the Lodz Film School cinema on 7th November. After the screening, there will be a meeting with the director and Katarzyna Smutniak, a model and actress, who plays Elena in Ozpetek’s film . For the role, she received “Nastro d'argento”, one of the most prestigious Italian film awards, which has been granted by Italian film critics for the last sixty years.

On 13th November, the school cinema will host Antonio Saura, son of the Spanish director Carlos Saura, who worked with his father on the films "Fados" and "Salome". On 14th November, the closing day of the Cinergia Festival, the Film School will be visited by Siergiej Łoźnica, a Ukrainian director and author of the film, "We mgle" which received an award at the Cannes Film Festival. At the school cinema, we will see his most well-known film, "Szczęście Ty moje", which was Łoźnica’s film debut.

Another guest of the 19th Cinergia Festival is British film director and screenwriter, Peter Greenaway whose film retrospective can be seen at the Film School cinema. A meeting with Peter Greenaway has been scheduled for 7th November at 5 p.m. at the A1 Assembley Hall of the Lodz University Philology Dept at 171/173, Pomorska Street.

Here is a list of screenings and meetings at the Lodz Film School cinema:

7 Nov., 11 a.m. "Fasten your Seatbelts" by Ferzan Ozpetek (plus meeting with Ferzan Ozpetek and Katarzyna Smutniak)

8 Nov., 4 p.m. "The Draughtsman’s Contract" by Peter Greenaway
8 Nov., 6 p.m. "Prospero’s Books" by Peter Greenaway
8 Nov., 8:20 p.m. "The Pillow Book" by Peter Greenaway

9 Nov., 4 p.m. "Nightwatching", by Peter Greenaway
9 Nov., 6:30 p.m. "Los golfos" by Carlos Saura
9 Nov., 8 p.m. "Peppermint Frappe" by Carlos Saura

10 Nov., 5 p.m. "Ana y los lobos" by Carlos Saura
10 Nov., 7 p.m. "Elisa, vida mia" by Carlos Saura

11 Nov., 4 p.m. "Ay, Carmela" by Carlos Saura
11 Nov., 6 p.m. "Tango" by Carlos Saura
11 Nov., 8 p.m. "Goya" by Carlos Saura

13 Nov., 7 p.m. "Fados" by Carlos Saura (plus meeting with Antonio Saura, producer of "Fados")

14 Nov., 12:00 "Szczęście Ty moje" by Siergiej Łoźnica (plus a meeting with Siergiej Łoźnica)
14 Nov., 6 p.m. "L’Agnese va a morire" by Giuliano Montaldo

Screenings and meetings at the Lodz Film School are free of charge. Full information about the Festival screenings and events available at: www.cinergiafestival.pl