The 11th: You shall labour
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29. 10. 2014.

The Zamiast Theatre Foundation and fifth year acting students invite to performative reading of Lodz actors' plays.

"The 11th Commandment: You shall labour. Enter" is an initiative of an informal group of authors (Magda Żarnecka, Michał Lachman and Mateusz Sidor) who wrote some drama texts which are different in convention and poetics but share a common theme.

All the dramas ("Pinokio – festiwal błota" by Magda Żarnecka, "Kapitał" by Michał Lachman and "Lokale do wynajęcia" by Mateusz Sidor) present stories of people looking for work or basing self-esteem on work. The authors through presenting every day problems and dilemmas in their relationship to higher values such as good, beauty and truth have tried to provide answers to the questions about work ethos.

Fifth year students of acting are taking part in the performative reading as well as the actors- founders of the Zamiast Theatre: Małgorzata Goździk, Milena Staszuk, Jakub Kryształ, Mateusz Mosiewicz and Patryk Palusiński. The drama texts’ authors are the directors of the performances.

The event has been scheduled for 6 November, at 7 p.m. and will take place at the Literature House in 17,Roosevelta Street. (Free entrance)

The project has been financed by the national Culture Centre within the scheme of the programme "Dom Kultury+ Inicjatywy lokalne 2014".