5 directors, 1 film - "Stacja Warszawa"
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28. 10. 2014.

The competition screening of a film "Stacja Warszawa" starting tonight at 7 p.m. at the Lodz Film School Cinema will be followed by a meeting with Kacper Lisowski and Mateusz Rakowicz.

The film "Stacja Warszawa" has been directed by: Maciej Cuske, Kacper Lisowski, Nenad Mikovic, Mateusz Rakowicz and Tymon Wyciszkiewicz, all of whom are nominees for the best direction prize. Among the film cast there are: Zbigniew Zamachowski, Janusz Chabior, Eryk Lubos, Marta Lipińska, Łukasz Simlat, Piotr Machalica.

The film consists of 6 film stories contributing to a portrait of contemporary Warsaw and its inhabitants. Igła, is an ex-convict, who experiences conversion to faith caused by instances of St. Mary's apparition appearance. Intending to save the world he sets out on a quest round Warsaw meeting the remaining characters: Marcin – a shy businessman and a mobbing victim, Lucy – a dreamer from a sex shop, Filip – a teenager desperate to flee from his home village, Jurek – a bitter alcoholic and looser who has wasted his life, and Monica – an unmarried employee from a big corporation. What they all have in common is loneliness characteristic for a big city inhabitants. Each of them experiences some kind of awakening in a form of putting an end to humiliation, showing compassion towards a stranger, a suicide attempt, or…homicide. At the same time all characters happen to live in a city severely experienced throughout history.

The full competition screening programme, film information and prize nominees to be found at: www.konkursmunka.pl