Henryk Ryszka has died
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05. 09. 2014.

On August 29, at the age of 75, Henryk Ryszka, animation film director and long-term Lodz Film School professor died. The funeral will take place at the Doły Cemetery on 8th September at 13:30.

Henryk Ryszka, a Lodz Film School cinematography graduate, worked on many animation films as cameraman and director and was the winner of numerous prizes at festivals, among others, in Krakow, Auckland, Bilbao, Tehran and New York.

In 1967, he started working as a lecturer at the Lodz Film School. He educated many generations of animators and for many years was the head of the Animation Faculty. From 2002-2005, he was the head of the Cinematography Department, and lately the head of the Television Production Faculty.

Then 4 year MA studies were started the curriculum of which was created by prof. Henryk Ryszka. This is how the animation and special effects faculty was established at the Cinematography Department. The first enrolment for the course took place in 1989, twenty years after establishing the Animation Film Workshop. (...) From its beginnings until now prof. Henryk Ryszka has undoubtedly been the master for generations of students. - wrote prof. Krzysztof Rynkiewicz in May this year on the occassion of the "Animation 25" exhibition, which commemorated the 25th anniversary of the Animation Faculty at the Lodz Film School.