Award for "The Heat" in Amantea & Srinagar
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25. 08. 2014.

La Guarimba Film Festival in Amantea, Italy, awards Bartosz Kruhlik for direction of the film "The Heat". One more prize awarded at the International Film Festival of Kashmir for "The Heat".

"Kruhlik's film brings his characters on a decline from idyllic love into human cruelty. The spectator is forced to become complicit in this tragic and magnificent production" - says the jury verdict.

La Guarimba Film Festival in Amantea (7 - 14 August) awarded the fiction student film "The Heat" for best direction.

The Kashmir International Film Festival jury awards "The Heat" the best short film prize in the student film category.

This is yet another award for the film "The Heat" (artistic supervision: Mariusz Grzegorzek) - in total the film has received over 20 prizes and distinctions:,osiemnastka-zaru.html

Festival Internazionale del Cinema Povero in Ispra (18 - 20 July) awarded Bartosz Kruhlik for best direction, Rafał Fudalej & Aleksander Sosiński ex-aequo for the best actor. Rafał Fudalej also won Special Jury Prize for the supporting actor at the Basta Festival in Serbia (3 - 6 July). Excerpt from the jury statement: "Rafał Fudalej succeeds in avoiding all possible traps and stereotypes characteristic of the role of a psychopath creating an unusual and unforgetable part".

"The Heat" by Bartosz Kruhlik with photography by Daniel Wawrzyniak (artistic supervision Mariusz Grzegorzek) keeps being awarded getting the best direction prize at the Gjakova Film Festival in Kosovo (21 - 23 March). During the 14th FICIL BIO BIO Festival Internacional de Cine de Lebu in Chile (27 - 29 March) it gets the first place in the category: International Fiction Film. Earlier on the film "The Heat" by Bartosz Kruhlik won the 12th. up-and-coming International Film Festival w Hannover (21 - 24 November 2013). An excerpt from the jury verdict: „Well crafted, mature direction, and suspenseful. The audience was taken on a disturbing journey that grasped the shifting power dynamics of victim and aggressor. What seemed like a romantic afternoon turned into a nightmare for a young man."

"The Heat" was also recognized the best student film at the 7th Film Festival "Nakręceni" in Bełchatow, Poland (30 Nov. - 1 Dec., 2013).