Aniela Gabryel wins in Vienna
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30. 05. 2014.

"Lecieć nie lecieć" by Aniela Gabryel, a fourth year direction student, wins the main prize in the international competition at the Vienna Independent Shorts Festival.

The jury statement says: It surprised us with its moments of absurd humour and surreal beauty, and the subtle unexpected way in which it portrayed humans relating to nature and each other. It also impressed us by skillfully balancing exposition and mystery. We’d be really interested to see more from this filmmaker. Artistic supervisors of the film were: Jacek Bławut, Maciej Drygas, Mirosław Dembiński. Photography: Zuzanna Pyda, a fourth year cinematography student at the Lodz Film School. "Lecieć nie lecieć" (To Fly or not to Fly) - 2013 Film synopsis: A group of scientists conduct some scientific research on a thin strip of land separating a lake from the sea. Situated as if half way between the sky and the land they try to discover hidden secrets of nature.