"Jaskółka" in OFF Plus Camera Competition
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28. 04. 2014.

"Jaskółka" by Bartosz Warwas will be screened in competition at the 7th International Independent Film Festival OFF Plus Camera in Cracow (2 - 11 May).

The film "Jaskółka" is the second full-length feature diploma film in the history of the Lodz Film School, the first being "Rysopis" made by Jerzy Skolimowski in 1964. “Jaskółka” was made under the artistic supervision of Filip Bajon, Zbigniew Wichłacz and Jerzy Zieliński. Photography by Ernest Wilczyński.


Bartosz Warwas: - Jaskółka is a multi-threaded story in which the threads constituting memories of the main protagonist are loosely connected. While watching the film, it turns out that seemingly unconnected images lead to one, specific and dramatic event from the past which took place on 21st June, 1973. What is more, it is not what happened that matters but that which is remembered by the protagonist and the way how it is remembered and the fact why she has forgotten other things.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNLZbS8J6mU&feature=youtu.be 1

From 16th May "Jaskółka" will be on at club cinemas, Alter Ego Pictures being its distributor. Pre-premiere screening took place at the Lodz Film School with full audience. Stan Borys, who sang "Jaskółka uwięziona" (Imprisoned Swallow) at the Song Contest in Opole on 21st June, 1973, was a special guest present at the screening. On 26 April there was a special screening of the film at the "Łodzią po Wiśle" Festival.

"Jaskółka" has been inspired by a true story which I read a long time ago in a newspaper. It is a story of a woman who suddenly remembered things which happened in her past, 30 years earlier, the memory of which had been suppressed.

- The criminal aspect of the story really happened, and although it happened somewhere else, in America in fact, it stayed on my mind. The song "Jaskółka uwięziona" as if triggered the film. - said Bartosz Warwas. I remember I was surfing on the net and I came across Stan Borys’ song which made a great impression on me. I listened to it again and again and the story once read by me in a newspaper just came back to me and I saw it vividly in the way I presented it later in the film. The song created the film.

During the OFF Camera Festival organized since 2008 Polish films compete for a prize of 100,000 PLN. The winner will be chosen by an international jury consisting of: Jerzy Stuhr,actor, Mike Newell, director, Juliet Taylor, cast director and two American actresses Joan Allen and Parker Posey.