ŁUKASZ MACIEJEWSKI - Film Critic of the Year
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24. 11. 2022. Department

Łukasz Maciejewski, lecturer at the Acting Department, film and theatre critic, became the first ever laureate of the "Clapper" Award for the Film Critic of the Year.

The award was presented to Łukasz Maciejewski on November 19 during the Gala of the 12th Anna Tokarska Literary Festival in Zielona Góra, Poland.

The award committee’s statement read: "CLAPPER 2022 Award for Łukasz Maciejewski - an outstanding film and theatre critic, lecturer at the Lodz Film School, author of books, longtime co-founder of Kozzi Film Festival, friend of the Norwid Library".

The ceremony was hosted by Dr. Andrzej Buck, director of the Cyprian Kamil Norwid County and Municipal Public Library in Zielona Góra and the director of the Kozzi Film Festival. Andrzej Buck said: "The phenomenon of Łukasz Maciejewski, the first ever winner of the CLAPPER Award for the Film Critic of the Year, consists in the fact that apart from his erudition, enormous knowledge, writing and literary talent, he also mastered the ability to listen, the gift of listening to other people’s words, thoughts, intentions ”.

The laudation in honour of Łukasz Maciejewski was delivered by Katarzyna Hołyńska, an outstanding actress of the Lubuski Theatre in Zielona Góra, a graduate of the Acting Department in Łódź, former student of Łukasz Maciejewski. "Professor Łukasz Maciejewski gave all of us faith in ourselves," she emphasized.
- I will never forget it how he would repeat on many occasions “Do not allow this faith to be taken from you.” He infected us with enthusiasm, for us he was an example of a fulfilled, satisfying, beautiful and wise professional career, and privately: a wonderful, warm man ”.

The founders of the award are: Kozzi Film Festival, Anna Tokarska Literary Festival. and the Norwid Library in Zielona Góra. Apart from the diploma and the statuette designed by the artist, Aneta Pabjańska-Moskwa, the evening honouring the works of Łukasz Maciejewski was filled with a concert by Milena Wroczyńska and Paweł Kieler and a gala dinner in honour of the laureate.