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18. 11. 2022. Department

Andrzej Gajewski, graduate and lecturer at the Directing Dept, won the Grand Prix of the Fate of Poles Polish Diaspora Fest for two films PORTRAITS OF THE PAST & POWER OF SCIENCE – LVIV-WARSAW SCHOOL

The 17th Polish Diaspora Festival "The Fate of Poles" ended on November 5, 2022 in Warsaw. The organizer of the Fate of Poles Festival is the POLAND - EUROPE - POLONIA FOUNDATION.

The jury of the Festival: Paweł Woldan (film and TV director - chairman of the Jury), Mieczysław Bartłomiej Vogt (film director, actor, secretary of the Jury), Magdalena Kozerska (journalist, vice-president of the Polska-Europa-Polonia Foundation), Zygmunt Gutowski (radio and television journalist) awarded the Grand Prix to Andrzej Gajewski for the films: PORTRAITS OF THE PAST and POWER OF SCIENCE – THE LVIV-WARSAW SCHOOL

“We are not fully aware of the treasure we have in the form of the Lviv-Warsaw School. Now this name is taking on a new meaning. The film was made in a still completely calm atmosphere of the intellectual community. It was a difficult film to make because it is extremely difficult to film philosophy, mathematics and logic. The director succeeded; the film did not become a popular science film, but it did become a high-class artistic film”, said Robert Kaczmarek, producer of the film POWER OF SCIENCE – THE LVIV--WARSAW SCHOOL. (source: polonia.tvp.pl)


Photo: losypolakow.pl