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15. 11. 2022. Department

To show an acting spectrum in Gombrowicz’s works? We just did so. The premiere of our acting students show NO PRE-MATURE CONCLUSIONS directed by M. Hajewska-Krzysztofik has taken place.

Waistline, leg and arm. Everything is there. Witold Gombrowicz would be – we hope – pleased.

Three short stories by Gombrowicz: "On the Kitchen Stairs", "Virginity" and "Premeditated Crime" became the basis for the text of the our students’ diploma show NO PRE-MATURE CONCLUSIONS directed by Małgorzata Hajewska-Krzysztofik.

"It is a type of literature that does not age and gives a lot of room for acting interpretations. There is a lot of ambiguity and subtext in these scenes" - commented the artists after the premiere.

Gombrowicz would be pleased, the artists are happy and the audience delighted. If you did not see it, do not despair!

The show will be on again in November(teatrstudyjny.lodz.pl/repertuar) always at 19:07

“After the premiere, the show begins to fall in place, we are beginning to get the feel of the show and this is when work starts. The process continues. " - emphasized the director.

We invite you to experience Gombrowicz’ theatre.

About the show: teatrstudyjny.lodz.pl
Actors in 2022/2023 teatrstudyjny.lodz.pl/aktorzy

Photos: Mikołaj Zacharow