Competition - Manufaktura through your lens
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19. 11. 2022.

It’s a competition for enthusiasts of photography and Łódź. Capture the beauty of Manufaktura and win PLN 4,000! Deadline for entries: November, 30. The Lodz Film School is a Competition Partner.

Characteristic red bricks, atmospheric post-factory buildings, "dancing" fountains - these elements of Manufaktura have been inspiring photography enthusiasts for many years. After a series of workshops with Paweł Augustyniak, the time has come for a photo contest, in which all aspiring photographers have a chance to compete for awards from the Manufaktura and the Lodz Film School. How to participate and what awaits the winners?

To take beautiful photos of architecture is a real challenge for photographers. Paweł Augustyniak, an outstanding expert in architecture photography, talked about the secrets of composition, exposition and proper photo editing during a series of workshops at Manufaktura. The workshops were only the first stage of the autumn activities planned by Manufaktura. Now, a new challenge has started, thanks to which everyone who wants and likes to take pictures will have the opportunity to show the historic walls of the complex through the eyes of their lens.

The competition is organized in cooperation with the Lodz Film School, and its rules are very simple. Just go for a walk around Manufaktura, take a photo of the surrounding architecture, and share the photo on your Instagram account using the appropriate markings (#manufotospacer as well as the profile @manufakturalodz and @szkolafilmowawlodzi)

"We encourage all photography enthusiasts who would like to show that they have a "good eye" for photos. We believe that such initiatives allow us to establish even closer relationships with our clients, who will now be able to visit Manufaktura not only to shop, go to the cinema or drink their favourite coffee, but also to show these historic walls in their own, original way. For 16 years it has been our goal to be close to our customers and this is another way to encourage them to spend their free time in Manufaktura, but also to pursue their passions such as photography," comments Sławomir Murawski, Manufaktura director.

"Aspiring photographers should remember that aesthetic sense and talent are not everything. Practice and constant trials, testing one's abilities and having an open mind are especially important. Manufaktura is the perfect place to practice, which the inhabitants of Łódź know very well, but now they have a chance to look at this place from a different angle and express their creativity. I believe that this competition is also a chance to select new talents and give them a chance to develop their wings in photography," adds Dr. Bartłomiej Talaga, Head of Photography at the Lodz Film School.

All those who want to take part in the competition and publish their photos should do it by 30, NOVEMBER.

The results of the competition will be announced on December 6, and winning the prize will be a perfect Santa Claus gift for the selected person.

The author of the best photo selected by an independent jury will be awarded with a Manufaktura gift card worth PLN 4,000, e.g. for the purchase of photographic equipment at Manufaktura. On top of that a professional large-format printout of the awarded work will be produced at the Lodz Film School printing house.

We encourage you to take part in the competition.