Our graduates and lecturers among the winners
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19. 09. 2022.

Prizes of the 47th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia have been awarded. Among the winners there is a student, a lecturer and graduates of the Lodz Film School.


The Golden Claw award in the Different Look category: for the film APOKAWIXA, dir. Xawery Żuławski (direction graduate).

Best Direction award: Jacek Bławut (cinematography graduate and lecturer at the Film/TV Direction Dept.) for the film THE EAGLE. LAST PATROL.

Best Screenplay award: Jacek Lusiński (TV production graduate) and Szymon Augustyniak for the film ŚUBUK, dir. Jacek Lusiński.

Best Cinematography award: Michał Sobociński (cinematography graduate) for the film PHILIP, dir. Michał Kwieciński.

Best Editing award: Bartłomiej Piasek (editing student) and Piotr Wójcik (editing graduate) for the film THE EAGLE. LAST PATROL, dir. Jacek Bławut.

Best Leading Actor award: Piotr Trojan (acting graduate) for the role in the film JOHNNY, dir. Daniel Jaroszek.

Best Supporting Actor award: Grzegorz Przybył (acting graduate) for a role in the film STRZĘPY, dir. Beata Dzianowicz.

Best Supporting Actress award: Małgorzata Hajewska-Krzysztofik (acting lecturer ) for the role in the film ILUZJA, dir. Marta Minorowicz.

Best Acting Debut award: Marta Stalmierska (acting graduate) for roles in the films JOHNNY, dir. Daniel Jaroszek, and APOKAWIXA, dir. Xawery Żuławski.


"Brick" for the best film of the "Unheld Festival of Polish Feature Films 1982-1983": REVENGE directed by Tomasz Zygadło (direction graduate).

The Janusz Korczak Golden Lion Cubs in the "Gdynia for Children" competition: DETECTIVE BRUNO directed by Magdalena Nieć and Mariusz Palej (cinematography graduate).

"Amber Lions" award for the greatest attendance success: GIRLS FROM DUBAI, directed by Maria Sadowska (directing graduate).

Complete list of winners: filmpolski.pl

Congratulations for all the winners!