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08. 09. 2022. Department

The Film Art Organization Department invites for a year-long International Post-graduate Course for Creative Producers. The deadline to apply is 14, September.

It is an offer of intense professional and personal development for people who want to develop their careers in the audiovisual industry by initiating and supervising the production of important, touching, engaging and revealing film stories about the world in which we live.

The course includes innovative and individualized classes in the form of creative exchange and dialogue aimed at professional development of creative producers, i.e .:
1. Businessmen with a vision who know how to finance their project and reach its audience.
2. Passionate filmmakers who understand and have a vision of all creative aspects of the project.
3. Charismatic managers who know how to motivate themselves and the team and are able to charm others with their project.

The classes will be run by the best international experts, artists and leaders, who work in Poland, Europe and the US, including:

Prof. ANDRZEJ KRAKOWSKI – director, screenwriter, producer, New York University lecturer

PRZEMYSŁAW NOWAKOWSKI – journalist, playwright, film and television screenwriter ("Bez tajemnic", "Boisko bezdomnych", "Katyń")

ALICJA GRAWON-JAKSIK – president of the National Chamber of Audiovisual Producers, producer, consultant, specializes in business and legal aspects of audiovisual production

KRZYSZTOF CZYŻEWSKI – expert and strategic advisor in the field of intellectual property law and media law

MICHAŁ OLESZCZYK – film critic, script consultant and translator, lecturer at the "Artes Liberales" Faculty at the University of Warsaw

OLE WENDORFF-OSTERGAARD – creative producer, cooperated with the Danish company Zentropa and Polish Platige Image, delegated producer of the film "Another Day of Life". Producer at the Danish Film Institute

RADOSŁAW DRABIK – founder of the Gigant Films company, the first production of which was the comedy "Planeta Singli"

JOANNA WENDORFF-OSTERGAARD – course coordinator; cooperated with Anima-pol as a creative producer of many animated projects; creator of a creative communication strategy for international brands at the John Weston Group Agency; an expert at the Polish Film Institute. Former head of Media Desk Polska.

INTERNATIONAL POSTGRADUATE COURSE FOR CREATIVE PRODUCERS was created for people like you! Write down your best idea for an audiovisual project and send your application.

form: part-time (classes/lectures run twice a month)
duration: one academic year (2 semesters)
cost: 5, 000 PLN per semester
application deadline: 14 September, 2022
qualification procedure: 21 September, 2022
commencement: October, 2022

ALL DETAILED INFORMATION ABOUT THE COURSE CAN BE OBTAINED: ON-LINE by writing to: ON THE PHONE calling 42 27 55 815 or 42 27 55 876