THE HORSE TAIL screened at Polish Days
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03. 08. 2022.

Marcin Malatyński, head of the Index Studio and producer of the THE HORSE TAIL by Justyna Łuczaj, talks about the presentation of the film, industry meetings and the first large-screen impressions.

THE HORSE TAIL, which was produced by the Film Studio Index operating at the Lodz Film School, is the full-length debut film by Justyna Łuczaj our direction graduate and a PhD student. The first closed screening took place during the Polish Days, as part of the New Horizons International Film Festival in Wrocław. (more information about the section at

How did the presentation go during Polish Days?

Marcin: The presentation was a closed, pre-premiere screening in the festival cinema which was attended only by the industry audience: sales agents, distributors and festival selectors. This year, the turnout from industry guests was great, which made us very happy as over 80 people were present at the show, among them representatives of leading agencies from European countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Germany and also Scandinavia. There were also Polish distributors. The purpose of such a closed screening was to interest sales agents and festival selectors in the film so that it gets a chance to be presented to a wider, festival or cinema audience abroad in the future.

Did you establish any contacts and talk about the details of further cooperation?

Marcin: We had a lot of talks, mainly with sales agents, especially from France. But there was also a distributor from Germany who was interested in the film. These people were representatives of some agencies so their bosses have to see the film later. We are counting on signing a contract, thanks to which the film will be represented in those countries. This will open a path to festival screenings and further distribution to the film, including its cinema distribution.

What are the next steps then?

Marcin: First of all, we submit the film to festivals. The film is finished and we are starting its festival circulation. Of course, we would like the film to be included in the selection of one of the most important festivals in the A category. At the moment, we are targeting the International Film Festival in Rotterdam and the Berlinale and we are waiting for the international premiere to take place at one of them.

From the producer's perspective, how do you think the film is received when it is watched on the big screen?

Marcin: It is always thrilling to watch a film that you have been working on for several years, but which is now coming out of your care and living its own life. The screening at New Horizons was held in a very large cinema, which made a considerable impression on us. But most of all, the screening involving the participation of the audience always heightens emotions and raises questions about how they will perceive the film. This is not an easy film. It is an auteur’s cinema; demanding, quite dark and visually beautiful. I believe that the film is captivating and I hope that there will be viewers who will want to go on this mythical and allegorical journey. The story is based on a modernized version of the Oedipus myth, and as we know, myths are not easy to digest. However, I think that the mythological universalism that we managed to achieve in our film will attract the viewer.

Interviewer: Małgorzata Lisiecka-Muniak from the Promotion Office of the Lodz Film School.

Photo: Natalia Ratajczyk