Poor Harlequin’s Songs. No to War!
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20. 06. 2022.

The anti-war "show-concert inspired by sounds and words about love" will be performed by Andrei Zagorodnikov, an actor and doctoral student of our school at the Studyjny Theatre in Łódź on June, 26.

Poor Harlequin's final songs
A show-concert inspired by sounds and words about love

Poor Harlequin – Andrei Zagorodnikov
Guitarist – Paweł Stępnik

One hundred years ago, Pierrot-Wertyński fled the effects of the revolution, censorship and repressive Soviet power in search of personal freedom and expressing his own thoughts, worries and dreams.

Today, his journey is continued by the Poor Harlequin, the son of an Italian singer and the Eternal Jew, a Wanderer, a character who speaks different languages, but has no haven, no peace, dreaming only of falling into the embrace of his beloved and distant Colombine, a girl who may never have existed in this world.

During his last concert, Poor Harlequin will sing Aleksander Wertyński’s songs and Neapolitan songs, and will recite his favourite poems.

The concert is the second part of the project “Poor Harlequin's Last Appearance.” The first part - a show of the same title - was held at the end of October 2021 at the Nowy Theatre in Poznań.

No to War!

26 June 2022 6 p.m.
Studyjny Theatre Łódź,
8, Kopernika Street

Free access.