Virtual LED set design workshops at ATM Studio
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20. 06. 2022.

Behind us, the inter-faculty virtual set design workshops on the LED wall, carried out at the ATM Studio in Warsaw, attended by our students of Cinematography, Photography and Production.

Our students of the Cinematography, Photography and Film and Television Production Organization had the opportunity to learn about the new and dynamically developing technology of image creation.

After the theoretical introduction, they jointly staged scenes in various locations, interiors and exteriors. During the workshop, students had the opportunity to face challenges related to this new technology such as the camera movement tracking system, optics and lighting of a virtual and a real set, virtual and real set design.

The workshops took place as part of the classes and under the supervision of Prof. Elżbieta Protakiewicz and Dr. Filip Gabriel Pudło. The meeting was also an opportunity for our employees of the Multimedia Service Department, Dr. Wojciech Kubiak and Karol Włudarczyk to learn about technical issues.
The workshop was organized by Piotr Domarańczyk, the coordinator of practical classes and workshops of the Multimedia Service Department.