The exhibition "FULLSCREEN. Image pressure"
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11. 06. 2021.

The University of Łódź, the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź & the Łódź Film School invite to the exhibition "FULLSCREEN. Image pressure" as part of PHOTOFESTIVAL. Opening: June 11, 7pm, OFF Piotrkowska

The exhibition "FULLSCREEN. Image pressure"
Opening: June 11, 2021 at 19:00, OFF Piotrkowska
138/140, Piotrkowska Street
The exhibition will last until June 27, 2021

How many photos did we take today? How many did we put on the Internet? What kind? For what reason? What for? How many images have we seen today? In the streets, on screens, in our minds. How many of them caught our eye? To which did we pay attention? For how long? Why? What did we do with the images today? We liked them, we shared them, we scrolled them, tagged them, copied them, edited them, deleted them, commented on them, reported them ...? What do we want from the images? Do they show the world or do they create the world? Do they show reality or are they reality themselves? Can we tell the difference? Can we still see it? How? How much do we see "with our own eyes" and to what extent "through the camera's eye"? Can we still distinguish our perception from the perception of machines? Does it really matter? The endless ocean of images generates an infinite number of questions.
We live in a world of images and made of images, thanks to images and in images. Under the pressure of images. "FULLSCREEN. Image pressure" is an exhibition showing various dimensions of the influence of images on our lives and our complex relationship with images. Questions about the cognitive value of technological images merge with the study of the impact of images on individual and collective identity. The analysis of media imaging techniques is adjacent to the problem of visual oppression seen from the social, political, cultural, as well as individual, individual and psychological perspective. The democratization of visual creativity and the endless variety of creative attitudes are confronted with the problem of standardization and unification of the mass (over) production of images. The issue of freedom of expression and the freedom to use images in the global space of the Internet is accompanied by questions about the ambiguous and often even negative consequences of crossing the boundaries of privacy, individual and social sensitivity and security. FULLSCREEN is a variety of perspectives, points of view and ways of seeing the "world of images". Text: Maciej Ożóg

What does the image require? How does one think about the image today when it overtook, appropriated and inscribed in itself all methods of communication, when it became a language beyond languages? The Łódź Film School, as part of the exhibition "FULLSCREEN. Image pressure", shows artists from various fields of visual arts for whom meta-reflection on the image is an important topic in their work. The exhibition reveals various meanings of the image as a medium conveying a tangible, because it is visual, narrative about the world, emphasizing the connections between the image and the subject. The works deal with, inter alia, the problem of the truth of the image, the theme of the ecology of the image, they also take into account the potential for creating a community through it. "The camera is a cruel tool" - said Józef Robakowski during the retrospective exhibition at the Conservatory Gallery in 2017. This sentence may be an apt tease in connection with the exhibition "Fullscreen. Image pressure". Image manipulation, the intentions behind it, the compulsion of beauty embedded in its history are topics that require a constantly renewed discussion. The exhibition takes part in this discussion by problematizing, in particular, the issue of perception. Tourists looking at monuments and landscapes, a man looking at a woman, a director creating characters through the eye of the camera - these and other images seem to ask if it is the image that creates the perception? The exhibition of the Łódź Film School proposes a story about the inseparable relationship between the viewer and the object of perception; about how the roles of the subject and the object of this perception intersect and exchange; about how beautiful and how dangerous this exchange can be. Because it is not only the camera that can be a cruel tool. The eyes of the creator, as well as the eyes of the viewer can be too.
Text: Małgorzata Stasiak


University of Łódź:
Maciej Ożóg, Wiktor Skok, Distort Visual, Witold Ziemiszewski

Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź:
Anna Bąk, Krystian Berlak, Dagmara Bugaj, Agnieszka Chojnacka, Artur Chrzanowski, Marek Domański, Bartłomiej Flis, Marek Herbik, Konrad Kultys, Łukasz Ogórek, Anita Osuch, Maciej Rawluk, Dominika Sadowska

Łódź Film School:
Ewa Ciechanowska, Ignacy Ciszewski, Nadia Dziurdzia, Małgorzata Fatalska, Aleksandra Folczak, Adrian Gachewicz, Anna Gadomska, Oktawian Jurczykowski, Szymon Kobusiński, Magdalena Konopka & Justyna Rybak, Piotr Kotlicki, Dorota Kozieradzka, Michał Krzyczkowski, Justyna Łuczaj, Maria Łukaszewska, Grzegorz Małecki, Joanna Mariak, Magdalena Michalak, Maria Nitek, Karolina Nowicka, Magdalena Nowicka, Karina Paciorkowska, Grzegorz Piotrowski, Wojciech Piotrowski, Zofia Połaniewicz, Filip Preis, Filip Pudło, Józef Robakowski, Jakub Siedlecki, Aleksandra Skowrońska, Ida Strzelczyk, Marek Szyryk, Kinga Świętek, Bartłomiej Talaga, Maciej Telka, Karolina Wojtas, Barbara Woźniczka, Tomasz Wysocki


University of Łódź: Maciej Ożóg

Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź: Marek Domański, Anita Osuch and Dagmara Bugaj

Łódź Film School: Anna Kazimierczak

Scientific consultation / Łódź Film School: Katarzyna Mąka-Malatyńska, PhD

The exhibition is co-organized by three universities in Łódź: the University of Łódź, the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź and the Łódź Film School.