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02. 06. 2021. Department

A graduation play of the Acting Department students of the Łódź Film School, directed by Marcin Wierzchowski. Premiere on June 11 and 12 at the Studyjny Theatre! We're back in the game!

What cannot happen in here?
What are we not capable of as Poles?
From what weaknesses and faults are we - unlike other nations - free? What are we displacing?
What do we want to avoid?

THIS CANNOT HAPPEN IN HERE consists of two parts.

The first part, which has the character of an etude, is based on a documentary account from the interwar period. Taking into consideration the accounts of that time, we look at the nature of our relationship with the national minorities of pre-war Poland - in particular with the Jewish minority. In modern, concise language, we talk about times long-gone. "Times long-gone”, because so much has changed: there are no more Jews in Poland, we live in a monocultural society, we are a member of the European Union, shoulder to shoulder with Germany. The anxiety we experience politically, however, makes us ponder whether there is any connection between that troubled time (considered by many to be the Arcadia of the Polish past) and today's protests, marches, rainbow flags and the lightning symbol.

In order to penetrate deeply into what is happening now, in the second part, we sharpen the situation and talk about the fear-lined fantasy about our not-too-distant future, in which the issue of Otherness has been taken a step further. We are looking at both sides of the Polish-Polish barricade, which is piled even higher. Who in our native triangle of violence is the executioner, who is the victim, who is the witness? Are these roles assigned to us permanently? Without prejudice we tell the story of fourteen young people, who have been placed on either side by the times, their ambitions, or family stories: forced them in their uniforms, made them scream eight stars or (after all, we are fed up with politics) remain deaf and blind to what happens outside the window.

Screenplay and direction: Marcin Wierzchowski
Dramaturgy: Ewa Mikuła and Marcin Wierzchowski
Screenplay assistant: Ewa Mikuła
Set design and costumes: Magda Mucha
Music: Marta Zalewska
Choreography consultant: Edyta Wasłowska

Cast (in the order they appear in the story):

Mikołaj Potrzeba – JAKUB JAKUBIEC
Daniel Zaradzyński - JAKUB DĄBROWSKI
Gniewko Niewiadomski - OLIWER WITEK
Krzysztof Gugała - JAKUB SIERENBERG
Gracja Białobłocka - MGDALENA DWURZYŃSKA
Marysia "Gabi" Lange - KAROLINA KOSTOŃ
Bartek "Kuba" Cholewa - KACPER DYKBAN
Aleksander Różański - JAN ŁUĆ
Wiktoria "Marysia" Berendt - KLAUDIA KOŚCISTA
Maksymilian Łapiński - MICHAŁ DAREWSKI
Paula Chrzanowska - BARBARA OLSZEWSKA
Lena Biernacka - JUSTYNA LITWIC

We would like to thank Michał Zdunik for permission to use in the "Cockroaches" scene a fragment of his play "Detailed Theory of Life and Dying".

PREMIERE on June 11 and 12 at 18:07, STUDYJNY THEATRE IN LODZ
Duration: 4 hours and 45 minutes (with two breaks)