Breakthrough HDR Tuesday Tea is coming!
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21. 02. 2021. Department

Don’t miss the upcoming breakthrough Tuesday Afternoon Tea with Cinematographers devoted to HDR technology. Guests: MAGDALENA GÓRKA, colourist (PFSC) & KAMIL RUTKOWSKI, CEO (Black Photon). Tue, 23 Feb

As announced by the organizers, this Tuesday on February 23, at 17:00, one of the most important meetings so far awaits us as part of the "Tuesday Afternoon Tea with Cinematographers"!

We want to talk about an inevitable technological breakthrough that has already happened, and hardly anyone knows about it yet!
A gigantic breakthrough, comparable to the appearance of 5.1 sound.

We want to tell you about our impressions and experiences with HDR. What it is, what it is all about and what awaits us.
It will be a conversation not only about technology, but also about visual and sensory impressions!

Our guests will be: MARCELINA GÓRKA, colourist (PFSC) and KAMIL RUTKOWSKI, CEO (Black Photon).

The organizer of the "Tuesday Afternoon Tea with Cinematographers" meetings is the Cinematography Art Club under the supervision of Zuzanna Zachara.

The meeting will be hosted by our school HDR specialists and cinematography students, Giovanni Cimarosti and Michał Wojtasik.


Photo: Dids / Pexels