Start of 8th Papaya Young Directors competition
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23. 02. 2021.

The competition for young directors is about to start. Write a script for an advertising film or music video, get a budget for its implementation and show your talent to the world. Apply by 14, March.

The 8th Papaya Young Directors Competition has launched.

Are you dreaming of a career as a director, or maybe you just want to make an advertising film, music video or a socially engaged film? The Papaya Young Directors competition, a unique initiative aimed at everyone aged between 20-35, gives you the opportunity and budget to make your film!
You can submit your projects by March 14, 2021 on the website

If you are bored with TV commercials and think it's time to change the industry, this contest is for you. It is within this initiative that you can make films for brands such as Multi-kino, BMW or Samsung. Make a film that can compete with adds shown at the Super Bowl! And if you want to make your first music video, why not start with the legends of Polish music incl. Kayah, Julia Wieniawa or Krzysztof Zalewski? Let us know you and show us your talent! - says Kacper Sawicki, CEO & Executive Producer Papaya Films, originator of the Papaya Young Directors competition.

 What is the competition about?

The Papaya Young Directors initiative consists in submitting an original project in response to briefs (topics expressed in several sentences) of international brands, foundations or artists. The finalist gets PLN 11,000 for the production of his film or music video! What happens next? The creators of the final productions compete for the Grand Prix of PLN 40,000, as well as a package of other prizes.

Main Partners

The latest edition of the competition is supported by brands from various fields presenting open and multi-dimensional briefs. This year, the competition is supported by: Audioteka, BMW Polska, DPD, Durex, Facebook, IKEA, Kayax, Link4, McDonald's, Multikino, Samsung Electronics Polska and Tyskie.
For the second time, the Kayax company is the patron of the Music Stories category. This time the participants will be able to make a music video for Kayah, Krzysztof Zalewski, Julia Wieniawa, Barbara Wrońska, Bloo Crane band and the duo: Karaś / Rogucki. The authors present their unique records to the young, presenting surprising musical genres. Creative Starters take care of a variety of topics - from raising the issue of openness and self-acceptance, to fairy-tale stories with the brand in the background. Some brands have decided to maintain and develop their standard communication, others, on the contrary, allow young people to tell about them anew.

Women’s Stories

This time, each participant has a chance to make a film on social issues. Along with Facebook, the Vertical Stories category is developing, under which you can make films for three unusual foundations: Camera Femina, Cosmos for Girls and Kuchinate African Refugee Women's Collective. The institutions co-creating the debuting subcategory Women's Stories work for women in various ways. Importantly - anyone can apply within the category: regardless of gender!

 It’s all about talents!

In the 8th edition of the competition, the organizers focus on searching for various talents - this year, the best production, the best cinematography and the best creative concept will be awarded.
We want to show that behind the success of a film or advertisement there is a whole team of talented people who can help develop our idea. We give a chance to copywriters, scriptwriters, set designers and everyone who wants to tell us an interesting story - explains Eja Trzcińska, head of Papaya Young Directors - young artists must know that we are here for them - she adds.

The premiere of the films along with the gala is planned for June 2021.

Main partners: Audioteka, BMW Polska, DPD, Durex, Facebook, IKEA, Kayax, Link4, McDonald’s, Multikino, Samsung Electronics Polska and Tyskie.

Competition partners: ATM System, CPC Brand Consultants, Girls in Film, Heliograf, Ma-kOnLine, Lunapark, Panavision, Stroer and Tidal.

The Łódź Film School is the Educational Partner of the competition.