Logotype Competition for ANIMATION Students
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22. 01. 2021.

We announce a competition for logotypes of four councils at our School and invite animation students to participate in it. Please, read the details and get to work.

Dear animation students,

Acting in consultation with the Rector Milenia Fiedler and with Professor Piotr Dumała, I would like to announce a competition for the logos of four school councils: the Programme Council, the Small Programme Council, the Evaluation Council and the Technical Council.

I will explain to you what the councils do. Let me do this in a simple way, without official words that are sometimes hard to understand. Rector and dean authorities, as well as heads of teaching units sit on the Programme Council. During the meetings, decisions are made regarding what and how is taught at the School, and the most important, current school matters are discussed. The Small Programme Council is the youngest of the councils. It consists, in addition to the members of the Programme Council, of student representatives for whom the Small Programme Council is a platform for sharing opinions, suggestions, dreams and problems with the school authorities. The Technical Board makes decisions related to various investments, for example, the purchase of equipment and software. The Evaluation Council deals with human resources policy, systematizes and evaluates the creative achievements of lecturers, arranges social and economic cooperation of the School with external institutions.

Not easy to visualize, right? That's why I'm coming to you with it!

Believing in the limitless possibilities of your imagination and the ability to capture an idea and transform it into a graphic symbol, as well as appreciating your artistic talents, I am asking you, Dear Animators, to enter the competition on the following terms:
• The participant submits a project of four logos: Programme Council, Small Programme Council, Technical Council, Evaluation Council.
• Each of the logos expresses the main idea of the functioning of the council to which it is assigned.
• The four logos should be artistically coherent.
• The logos to be created may, but do not have to, refer to the logo of the Film School.
• Symbolism, poetics, the colours and technique used, are optional and depend only on the concept of the person entering the competition.
• One participant may submit a maximum of two projects to the competition.
• The winner of the competition gives the School full rights to use the logos designed by him/her.

Competition projects should be submitted by March 31, 2021 to Mr. Krzysztof Brzezowski, in the form of .pdf files, to the following address: k.brzezowski@filmschool.lodz.pl

The submitted competition entries will be assessed by the Jury consisiting of:
Prof. Aleksandra Chrapowicka
Prof. Jolanta Dylewska
Prof. Izabela Łapińska
Prof. Piotr Dumała
Prof. Sławomir Iwański
Mr Piotr Kotlicki, PhD
Mr Krzysztof Brzezowski
Mr Adrian Cieszkowski

The Rector's Team will be the advisory body for the Jurors.
Attractive prizes of PLN 1,000 in value are provided for the winner.
The competition results will be announced in April, 2021.

I am extremely curious about your ideas, Dear Animators.
I keep my fingers crossed for you and look forward to your entries.

Bronka Nowicka
Vice-rector in charge of Students and Curriculum

Illustration by Renata Gąsiorowska and Kacper Zamarło coming from the 6. edition of the project WALKI W KLATKACH / STRUGGLE WITHIN FRAMES made by the students of the Animation Films And Special Effects Department of the Lodz Film School.