ACTORS of Studyjny Theatre in Lodz 2020/2021
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14. 12. 2020. Department

4th-YEAR STUDENTS OF THE LODZ FILM SCHOOL ACTING FACULTY. Here they are in a unique film and photo session by Maria Ornaf (director) and Zuzanna Zachara-Hassairi (camera).

The crew members speak:
We wanted our DIPLOMA YEAR ACTORS, who fly out of the nest, to receive photos and showreels that would showcase their sensitivity and expressiveness.
Through acting tasks we brought them to extreme emotions.
We tried to evoke what is the strongest and the weakest in them. It was like exploring an actor's identity and gaining power. We had an idea for such an atavistic ritual - in nature, in dirt, in natural light. We worked with the four elements at dawn and dusk. It rained on us, we sank into mud, we entered cold rivers, we burned the last flowers.

All this to transcend conventional concepts of aesthetics and catch them in the film frame. Our trips to wild places became a pretext for the actors to tell personal stories, on the basis of which we created new characters in micro-scenes. Twenty a-few-hour long narrative journeys. Time allowed us to jointly evoke hidden and rarely revealed faces. Soil and water became our make-up.

Space and air made it easier to remove the masks, revealing courage. They opened us up to what is primal, wounded and buried in our history.

Direction: Maria Ornaf
Camera: Zuzanna Zachara-Hassairi
Assistant director: Jacek Sułek
Assistant camera operator: Joanna Rój
Editing: Urszula Bucka
Music: Pimon Lekler