MARBLES wins at ReAnima
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15. 11. 2020. Department

MARBLES by Natalia Spychała has received the prize for the best experimental animated film at ReAnima in Bergen, Norway.

Experimental winner: Marbles, Natalia Spychala.
For its experimental and abstract view on the monotony of everyday life.

Hypnotizing pendulum sets a particular mechanism in motion. A figure appearing fragmentarily, space and a variety of objects form a rhythmic system of mutual dependence. Sound interweaves with image, creating music of repetitive events. What is the cause and what is the effect? A stop motion animation made with threads on a vaseline coated glass plate.

SCRIPT and DIRECTING: Natalia Spychała
ANIMATION: Natalia Spychała, Urszula Domańska, Katarzyna Adamkiewicz
ARTISTIC SUPERVISION: Piotr Dumała, Piotr Milczarek

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Congratulations Natalia!