Three student films at POITIERS competition
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13. 10. 2020.

The films BLOW, by Robert Kwilman, HALO EFFECT, by Patrycja Polkowska and I’M HERE, by Julia Orlik, are our representatives in the international competition of the POITIERS IFF.

The Festival takes place from 27, November to 4, December, 2020.


BLOW, by Robert Kwilman (fiction film)

HALO EFFECT, by Patrycja Polkowska (documentary film)

I’M HERE, by Julia Orlik (animated film)

Organized by the TAP – the Théâtre Auditorium de Poitiers – the Poitiers Film Festival invites young international talents, industry professionals, and the general public to come together around the festival’s specificity: film school productions. For the general public, this is the opportunity to discover the latest in cinematography, to view the first films of young filmmakers who capture the world around them, and to share reactions, questions, and critiques with these artists during meetings and debates.

For industry professionals, this is a place to meet and to share experiences; a place where festivals scout films for future lineups and where producers identify promising young filmmakers and exciting new projects.

For young talents, this is a place to interact with the general public and a launch pad for their careers. Through its professional programs, the Poitiers Film Festival facilitates both the introduction of authors and filmmakers into professional networks and the development of their film projects.

Congratulations and fingers crossed!