ELECTIONS 2020-2024. Vice-Rectors elected
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15. 07. 2020.

Announcement from the School Electoral Committee of 15 July 2020 regarding the results of elections to the positions of Vice-Rectors.

The School Electoral Committee announces that on July 15, 2020 the Electoral Body elected Vice-Rectors.

53 out of 57 entitled electors voted.

The candidates obtained the following number of votes:

dr Bronka Nowicka, Vice-Rector for Students and Teaching:
for - 27 votes, against - 18 votes, abstained - 8 voters

dr Krzysztof Franek, Vice-Rector for Finance and School Development:
for - 41 votes, against - 8 votes, abstained - 4 voters

dr Anna Maria Zarychta, Vice-Rector for Science and Artistic Creativity:
for - 47 votes, against - 5 votes, abstained - 1 voter

The School Electoral Committee announces that all candidates have obtained the required majority of votes and have been elected as Vice-Rectors in the 2020-2024 term.

The election of Vice-Rectors by the Body of Electors took place via the GŁOSUJ24 platform.