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11. 02. 2020. Department

Animated films OVULE by Natalia Durszewicz and TANGO OF LONGING by Marta Szymańska will compete in the "Autres Regards" section of the European Film Festival in Lille.

Details: https://eurofilmfest-lille.com/competition-autres-regards-2020/

The Festival is held from 6 to 13 March, 2020.

OVULE by Natalia Durszewicz
The story of a woman whose fears and illusions materialize in the form of an overwhelming jungle that destroys her and her relationship with her partner. It is also an attempt to analyze the concept of separation anxiety, which is mainly manifested in children. The absence of a mother or father arouses fear and anxiety in the child affected by this disease, and the imagination creates many dark stories. When the children grow up they are usually capable of overcoming such anxieties, but there are people who keep this trauma in themselves, which influences their later relationships. During a long absence of the loved one, the woman falls into paranoia. Nothing is as it seems. She is obsessively suspicious and jealous, seeing a plot everywhere, being afraid of loneliness. Out of this loneliness visions are born, madness and fear begin to materialize. The worst apprehensions become real, they entwine her and take away the ability to think sensibly and objectively, suffocating her. The world of these visions is full of colours, more real and attractive than everyday life, and this contrast shows how dangerous all kinds of mental illnesses are. This in turn makes it difficult for a sick person to understand and distinguish the real world from that which is created by the suffering mind.


TANGO OF LONGING by Marta Szymańska
The film is a painting-like tale about the extraordinary nature of tango - a dance that we associate mainly with desire and passion. However, tango is a 'sad thought you dance along to', a constant longing and search for satisfaction and comforting - both subtly and desperately. In the film, the characters - dancers tell us about their longings, desires and relationships with others expressed through the dance. Although what they want seems to be at their fingertips, they are not able to achieve it; it is elusive, absent. The quest for comfort and satisfaction may never end.


Congratulations and fingers crossed!