Jakub Gola wins Andrzej Nardelli Award
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30. 12. 2019. Department

This year's laureate of the Andrzej Nardelli Award granted by the Theatre Critics Section of the ZASP for the best acting debut of last season was Jakub Gola, a graduate of our Acting Department.

Jakub Gola received the award during a ceremony held on December 16 at the headquarters of ZASP (Polish Actors Association) from the hands of Krystyna Piaseczna and Cezary Domagała. The actor was honoured for the role of the title character in Ingmar Bergman's Fanny and Alexander directed by Justyna Celeda and performed on the stage of the Współczesny Theatre in Szczecin.

The laudation was given by Anita Nowak who said among others: "Jakub Gola is an actor who, standing for the first time on a professional stage, can focus the viewer's attention for four hours with a perfectly graded variety of acting means; captivate with grace, entertain with childlike charm, and frighten not only by leading the viewer through the meanders of his hero's imagination resulting in ghost stories being told by him, but above all by dramatic reactions to the cruelty of his stepfather. "