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04. 02. 2020. Department

Kalina Alabrudzińska has been nominated to the 2019 Empik Discovery Award in the “Film” category for the debut NOTHING IS LOST, our acting students’ diploma film.

The jury members who selected the directors, the nominees for the Empik Film Discovery 2019, were: Roma Gąsiorowska, Tomasz Raczek, Agnieszka Smoczyńska and experts from Empik: Agnieszka Stępień (from the film department) and Izabela Szymańska (editor-in-chief of the online magazine, "Empik Pasje"). The jury appreciated the innovative approach, taking on original topics, skilful construction of film narrative and building the characters' emotions.

The nomination justfication for Kalina Alabrudzińska’s film, "Nothing is lost" reads: For creating a tender tale about loneliness and the need for love. A remarkable comedy saturated with melancholy and sadness makes us pass gradually from a state of amusement to a feeling of being deeply moved. The author, through the use of minimal means, created a world filled with nostalgia and tenderness towards the protagonists whom we approach step by step only to find ourselves and our longings in them. (Agnieszka Smoczyńska)

For the past 21 years, during the Empik Bestsellers gala, Empik has been awarding people who have sold large numbers of copies of their works and who have been chosen by the customers. Starting from this edition, during the event which will be broadcast on TVN, completely new awards will be presented for the first time: Empik Discoveries. As Empik, we want to highlight to a wide audience, original, versatile and uncompromising writers, musicians and directors who boldly reach for new solutions, create an individual language, and sometimes even redefine the field they deal with. The nominees in the following categories: Literature, Music and Film were selected by jury teams composed of critics, recognized artists and experts in a given field. The Empik Discovery Awards will be awarded for important artistic achievements and unique works significant for the development of culture, which debuted on the Polish market in 2019. Works which can be taken into consideration may be presented in various formats. In addition to the prestigious prize, the winners will also receive 100,000 PLN worth of promotional support for their artistic work to be used on Empik communication platforms.

Our other graduates also are among the nominees in the Film category: Bartosz Kruhlik for the film, "Supernova", Tomasz Popakul for the film, "Acid Rain" and Łukasz Kośmicki for the film, "Hidden Game" ("Ukryta gra").

Congratulations to all nominees!


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