School Family-like Christmas Reception
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19. 12. 2019.

Our Christmas reception. Family like gathering where wishes were exchanged and carols sung. That is what our reception looked like.

- "It is always a difficult moment for me, because Christmas is mostly associated with family. And family is quite a serious matter. There are different matters and relationships within family. Let's apply them for a moment to such a big family. I have always appealed to myself and to all of us to stick together! Just like in a real, smaller family, various energies revel there. Sometimes there are arguments, divorces, sometimes great love, but it has always seemed to me that our School is a place that unites people in some way. And I'll stick to it. The fact that we are here together with a complete awareness of the ups and downs is something very important, important and unifying us all."                       
Rector, Prof. Mariusz Grzegorzek wished everybody Peaceful, Family Christmas and a Good New Year!

Everybody was present at the Christmas reception: the school authorities, lecturers, employees, students and friends.

As usual, the Acting Department was in charge of carol singing. Carols were sung beautifully by students of the 2nd year of the Acting Department under the supervision of Prof. Alicja Barbara Panek-Piętkowska and with the accompaniment of Prof. Paweł Serafiński.