Zachara wins Best Short Film Cinematography Prize
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20. 09. 2019. Department

The verdict of the Jury of the Short Film Competition at 44th PFFF in Gdynia has been announced. Non-statutory prizes were also handed during the Young Gala at the Music Theatre.

Zuzanna Zachara, a student of the Cinematography and Television Production Department of the Lodz Film School, received the HELIOGRAF PRIZE for THE BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY for the student film, "PIOŁUN" dir. Maria Ornaf.

The justification reads: "For romantic photography which provides a counterpoint to the story. For the ability to find beauty in ugliness and a unique sense of image composition."

The Prize constitutes production support worth PLN 10,000 in the form of equipment rental to enable the winner to make his or her next film.


"In the past, mothers wanting to wean the baby from being breast-fed, rubbed nipples with a wormwood infusion, so that the child, feeling the bitter taste, would never want mother's milk again.”

Screenplay and direction: Maria Ornaf
Cinematography: Zuzanna Zachara
Art direction: Maciej Biegański, Back To Front
Costumes: Marta Maciejewska
Music: Rafał Nowak, Pimon Lekler
Editing: Tomasz Kajetan Naruszewicz, Urszula Bucka
Make-up: Anna Kieszczyńska
Production management: Gabriela Piskor, Martyna Siwińska
Artistic supervision: Mariusz Grzegorzek

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